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Non-Credit Programs at The University of Tennessee offers a wide variety of classes aimed at enhancing quality of life and career opportunities for those in the Knoxville community and surrounding areas.

Enhance your career skills and open new possibilities with Professional Development. Learn a new hobby or perfect an existing one with Personal Development. Explore the Smoky Mountains with The Smoky Mountain Field School. Prepare for a new career in only 12 weeks through the UT Culinary Program. Discover wines, beers and new cooking techniques with the UT Culinary Institute. Children can learn and explore at the University with Kids U. Discover lifelong learning with Seniors for Creative Learning.

Upcoming Courses

Course NameStarts  Ends
Food Truck Mania (Grades 8-12, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Cartooning with Mr. Ollie (Grades 4-6, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Fiber Arts (Grades 4-9, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Become a Modern-Day Journalist (Grades 6-8, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Become a Modern-Day Journalist (Grades 9-12, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Video Game Animation (Grades 3-5, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Video Game Animation (Grades 6-9, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
College Prep (Grades 10-College Freshman, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Kids U Camp Creativity - Knoxville (Grades 7-9, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Lunch at the UTCC (Grades 3-12, rising)7/6/2015  7/10/2015
Grilling Game7/7/2015  7/7/2015
Pharmacy Technician Program7/7/2015  8/25/2015
Easy as Pie7/8/2015  7/8/2015
Kitchens, Closets, & Small Spaces7/8/2015  7/8/2015
Introducing Oils and Acrylics7/8/2015  8/12/2015
The Showcase BBQ7/9/2015  7/9/2015
Martial Arts with Lance England7/10/2015  7/31/2015
Karate for Kids (Ages 5-12)7/10/2015  7/31/2015
Junior Samurai Sword (Age 5-12)7/10/2015  7/31/2015
Cartooning7/11/2015  7/11/2015
Caricatures Made Easy for Fun & Profit7/11/2015  7/11/2015
Park Fauna (Animals) - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)7/11/2015  7/11/2015
Backpacking with Children7/11/2015  7/12/2015
Edible and Poisonous Fungi of the Smokies7/11/2015  7/11/2015
Professional Development for High School Culinary Arts Instructors - West Tennessee7/13/2015  7/15/2015
ACT Prep Course (Grades 9-12 rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
ACT Prep Course (Grades 9-12 rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
LEGO Video Games (Grades 3-5, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
LEGO Video Games (Grades 6-9, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
Build Up Brick by Brick: Architectural Camp (Grades 4-9, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
Jr. Naturalist Camp (Grades 6-8, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
Minecraft Designers (Grades 3-5, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
Minecraft Designers (Grades 6-9, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
Kids U Camp Creativity - Knoxville (Grades 4-6, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
Lunch at the UTCC (Grades 3-12, rising)7/13/2015  7/17/2015
Principles of Home Canning7/14/2015  7/14/2015
Grilling Pizza7/14/2015  7/14/2015
Conflict Strategies: Improving Your Relationships7/14/2015  7/28/2015
Fire Protection Exam7/14/2015  7/14/2015
Baking 1017/16/2015  7/16/2015
Grilling Appetizers7/16/2015  7/16/2015
Advanced Landscape Design7/18/2015  7/18/2015
Culture and History - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)7/18/2015  7/18/2015
Sensational Salamanders7/18/2015  7/18/2015
Roan Mountain's Unique Alder Bald & the Baatany Goat Project7/18/2015  7/18/2015
Professional Development for High School Culinary Arts Instructors - Middle Tennessee7/20/2015  7/22/2015
Joyful Yoga7/20/2015  8/24/2015
Make Your First 3-D Video Game! (Grades 3-5, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
Make Your First 3-D Video Game! (Grades 6-9, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
Video Game Animation (Grades 3-5, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
Video Game Animation (Grades 6-9, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
Cool & Creative Painting (Grades 4-9, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
7 Habits of Successful Students (Grades, 8-12, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
Exploring Microbiology through Food (Grades 6-8, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
Learning to Be a Real Chef: Introduction to Culinary Arts (Grades 8-12, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015
Lunch at the UTCC (Grades 3-12, rising)7/20/2015  7/24/2015

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