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UT Non-Credit Programs
Spring/Summer 2016

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3094 Non-Credit Programs at The University of Tennessee offers a wide variety of classes aimed at enhancing quality of life and career opportunities for those in the Knoxville community and surrounding areas.

Enhance your career skills and open new possibilities with Professional Development. Learn a new hobby or perfect an existing one with Personal Development. Explore the Smoky Mountains with The Smoky Mountain Field School. Prepare for a new career in only 12 weeks through the UT Culinary Program. Discover wines, beers and new cooking techniques with the UT Culinary Institute. Children can learn and explore at the University with Kids U. Discover lifelong learning with Seniors for Creative Learning.

Upcoming Courses

Course NameStarts  Ends
Preparing for the Role of Supervisor (Elective)5/31/2016  5/31/2016
Introduction to Fundraising (Elective)5/31/2016  5/31/2016
E-Mail Marketing5/31/2016  5/31/2016
Nonprofit Strategic Planning (Core)6/2/2016  6/2/2016
Picnic Pies to Go6/2/2016  6/2/2016
Project Management Exam - Intense Review6/3/2016  6/17/2016
Martial Arts with Lance England6/3/2016  7/29/2016
Karate for Kids (Ages 5-12)6/3/2016  7/29/2016
Junior Samurai Sword (Age 5-12)6/3/2016  7/29/2016
Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate6/4/2016  7/16/2016
Lawn Care & Feeding: Beyond the Basics6/4/2016  6/4/2016
Care & Release of Orphaned & Injured Black Bear Cubs6/4/2016  6/4/2016
Nature Sketching - Watercolor or Pencil6/4/2016  6/4/2016
Play Guitar!6/6/2016  8/1/2016
Play Guitar! - Intermediate6/6/2016  8/1/2016
Lighten Up! Dance Improv 101 (Grades 4-7, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Got Talent? Beginning Voice & Theatre Games (Grades 4-6, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
UT Photography Camp (Grades 4-7, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
UT Photography Camp (Grades 8-12, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Spanish for Beginners I6/6/2016  7/25/2016
Modern Etiquette and Manners (Grades 3-6, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
App Attack! Make Your First Game App (Grades 3-5, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
App Attack! Make Your First Game App (Grades 6-9, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Minecraft Designers (Grades 3-5, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Minecraft Designers (Grades 6-9, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Introduction to Gym Climbing6/6/2016  6/6/2016
Introduction to Programming with Scratch (Grades 5-8, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Programming & Animation Using Python (Grades 8-12, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Fun with Forensics: Adventures in Chemistry (Grades 6-8, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Learning to Be a Real Chef: Introduction to Culinary Arts (Grades 8-12, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Bones, Crimes, Careers: Forensic Anthropology (Grades 9-12, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
The Unseen World: Microbes & the Environment (Grades 9-12, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Lunch at the UTCC (Grades 3-12, rising)6/6/2016  6/10/2016
Rockets! (Grades 4-7, rising)6/8/2016  6/10/2016
Park Flora (Plants) - Jr. Naturalist Course (Grades 6-8)6/11/2016  6/11/2016
Beginner Mountain Biking6/11/2016  6/11/2016
Stand Up Paddle Yoga6/11/2016  6/11/2016
Backpacking 1016/11/2016  6/11/2016
Ferns, Wildflowers, and Ecological Relationships of Roan Mountain6/11/2016  6/11/2016
Sports & Action Photography6/13/2016  8/8/2016
Cursive Handwriting (Grades 3-6, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
So You Want to Be An Engineer? (Grades 8-12, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Food Truck Mania (Grades 8-12, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Minecraft Modders (Grades 3-5, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Minecraft Modders (Grades 6-9, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Robot Land Theme Park (Grades 3-6, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Medieval Mania, EV3 Robotics (Grades 4-9, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
UT Culinary Program6/13/2016  9/2/2016
App Adventures! The Next Level (Grades 3-5, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
App Adventures! The Next Level (Grades 6-9, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Painting with Water Media (Grades 8-12, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Introduction to Programming with Scratch (Grades 5-8, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Programming & Animation Using Python (Grades 8-12, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Connecting through American Sign Language Part 1 (Grades 7-10, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Collapse: The Fall of Complex Civilizations (Grades 9-12, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Friend or Foe? Species Interaction (Grades 4-6, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Bones, Crimes, Careers: Forensic Anthropology (Grades 9-12, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
The Light Show in the Smokies6/13/2016  6/13/2016
Kids U Camp Creativity - Knoxville (Grades 4-6, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016
Lunch at the UTCC (Grades 3-12, rising)6/13/2016  6/17/2016

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