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UT Non-Credit Programs
Winter 2017

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Non-Credit Programs at The University of Tennessee offers a wide variety of classes aimed at enhancing quality of life and career opportunities for those in the Knoxville community and surrounding areas.

Enhance your career skills and open new possibilities with Professional Development. Learn a new hobby or perfect an existing one with Personal Development. Explore the Smoky Mountains with The Smoky Mountain Field School. Prepare for a new career in only 12 weeks through the UT Culinary Program. Discover wines, beers and new cooking techniques with the UT Culinary Institute. Children can learn and explore at the University with Kids U. Discover lifelong learning with Seniors for Creative Learning.

Upcoming Courses

Course NameStarts  Ends
Building an Investment Plan1/19/2017  1/26/2017
Financial Planning for Surviving Divorce1/19/2017  1/26/2017
Microsoft Excel 2016: Basics1/19/2017  1/19/2017
Practical Project Management1/20/2017  2/24/2017
A Guide to Designing Your Life Master Plan1/21/2017  2/11/2017
Beginning Basic Sign Language: Part II1/21/2017  2/11/2017
Play Guitar!1/23/2017  3/13/2017
Play Guitar! - Intermediate1/23/2017  3/13/2017
Fundamentals of Digital Photography II1/23/2017  3/13/2017
Sports & Action Photography1/23/2017  3/20/2017
Spanish for Beginners I1/23/2017  3/6/2017
Intermediate Bluegrass Banjo1/24/2017  3/21/2017
Fundamentals of Digital Photography I1/24/2017  3/14/2017
Punctuation Power (Core)1/24/2017  1/31/2017
East Coast Swing Dancing1/24/2017  3/7/2017
Latin Dance1/24/2017  3/7/2017
Social Media Marketing Management (Webinar)1/24/2017  1/31/2017
Close-Up Photography1/25/2017  3/1/2017
Project Management Fundamentals (Elective)1/26/2017  1/26/2017
Clean Eating - Meal Planning Made Easy1/26/2017  2/2/2017
SCUBA Diving Certification Class1/26/2017  3/19/2017
Microsoft Word 2016: Basics1/26/2017  1/26/2017
Interviewing, Selecting, & Retaining Employees (Core)1/27/2017  1/27/2017
Nonprofit Strategic Planning (Core)1/30/2017  1/30/2017
Microsoft Excel 2016: Basics1/30/2017  1/30/2017
Grant Budgets (Core)1/31/2017  1/31/2017
Discover the Power of Soft Eyes®!1/31/2017  1/31/2017
Financial Survival for Retirement1/31/2017  2/7/2017
Microsoft Access 2016: Basics1/31/2017  2/7/2017
Staff Engagement - 10 Best Practices (Elective)2/1/2017  2/1/2017
Introducing Oils & Acrylics2/1/2017  3/8/2017
Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals2/1/2017  3/15/2017
Social Media ROI (Relationships, Opportunities, Involvement)2/1/2017  2/1/2017
Basic Grant Writing for Foundations2/2/2017  2/23/2017
Discover the Power of Soft Eyes!2/2/2017  2/2/2017
Developing a Strong Nonprofit Board (Elective)2/2/2017  2/2/2017
Business Leadership & Strategy (Elective)2/3/2017  2/3/2017
Public Speaking for the Business Professional (Elective)2/6/2017  2/13/2017
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Basics2/6/2017  2/6/2017
aPHR Exam Prep Course2/7/2017  4/11/2017
Leading with Emotional Intelligence2/7/2017  2/7/2017
Understanding International Economics2/8/2017  2/15/2017
QuickBooks 2016: Level I2/8/2017  2/8/2017
Building Effective Teams Through Communication (Elective)2/9/2017  2/9/2017
Anti-Aging Steps to a Younger You2/9/2017  2/16/2017
Genealogy Research: Finding Your Ancestors2/9/2017  2/23/2017
Crappie University2/9/2017  2/28/2017
Forensic Chemistry2/9/2017  3/9/2017
Healthcare Information Session 12/9/2017  2/9/2017
Police Interrogation for Writers Workshop2/10/2017  2/11/2017
HR Concepts for Supervisors (Core)2/10/2017  2/10/2017
Conflict Management Through Self Evaluation (Elective)2/14/2017  2/14/2017
Cultural Diversity (Core)2/15/2017  2/15/2017
Planning for Retirement2/16/2017  2/23/2017
Business (R)evolution 2027: Future Forward (Webinar)2/16/2017  2/23/2017
Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate2/18/2017  4/22/2017
Building Your Craft-Based Business2/18/2017  2/18/2017
Mastering Common Writing & Editing Issues (Core)2/20/2017  3/6/2017
Grant Consulting (Elective)2/22/2017  2/22/2017
Making Artisan Cheeses2/22/2017  2/22/2017
Microsoft Access 2016: Basics2/22/2017  2/22/2017
Leadership Skills for Managers & Supervisors (Core)2/23/2017  2/23/2017
Making Pasta Is Easy & Fun2/23/2017  2/23/2017
Essential Oils for Your Health2/23/2017  3/2/2017
Leading with Emotional Intelligence2/23/2017  2/23/2017
Microsoft Excel 2016: Intermediate2/23/2017  2/23/2017
Risk Management (Elective)2/24/2017  2/24/2017
Grant Funding Research (Core)2/27/2017  2/27/2017
Microsoft Excel 2016: Advanced2/27/2017  2/27/2017
Clinical Medical Assistant Program - 140 Classroom Hours + 160-Hour Clinical Externship2/27/2017  6/5/2017
Aligning HR with Organizational Strategies (Core)2/28/2017  2/28/2017
Millennials - Generation Why? - Who They Are & How They Work (Elective)3/1/2017  3/1/2017
Annual Campaigns3/1/2017  3/1/2017
Introduction to Windows 103/1/2017  3/1/2017
Intermediate Grant Writing for Foundations3/2/2017  3/23/2017
Leading the Nonprofit Organization (Elective)3/2/2017  3/2/2017
Landscape Plant Selection for East Tennessee (Required)3/2/2017  3/23/2017
Getting Started with Inbound & Content Marketing3/2/2017  3/2/2017
Compensation & Benefits (Core)3/3/2017  3/3/2017
The Family-Style Luncheon3/3/2017  3/3/2017

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