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Non-Credit Programs at The University of Tennessee offers a wide variety of classes aimed at enhancing quality of life and career opportunities for those in the Knoxville community and surrounding areas.

Enhance your career skills and open new possibilities with Professional Development. Learn a new hobby or perfect an existing one with Personal Development. Explore the Smoky Mountains with The Smoky Mountain Field School. Prepare for a new career in only 12 weeks through the UT Culinary Program. Discover wines, beers and new cooking techniques with the UT Culinary Institute. Children can learn and explore at the University with Kids U. Discover lifelong learning with Seniors for Creative Learning.

Upcoming Courses

Course NameStarts  Ends
Home Hardscapes: Construction Tips and Techniques5/23/2015  5/23/2015
Overnight Backpacking: Big South Fork5/23/2015  5/24/2015
Backpacking with Confidence5/23/2015  5/24/2015
Introduction to Fly-casting & Fly-fishing5/23/2015  5/23/2015
Introduction to Gym Climbing5/25/2015  5/25/2015
Grilling Poultry5/26/2015  5/26/2015
An Evening Stroll with the Walker Sisters5/26/2015  5/26/2015
Aligning HR with Organizational Strategies (Core)5/27/2015  5/27/2015
Effective Coaching Skills (Core)5/28/2015  5/28/2015
Engaging and Empowering Employees (Elective)5/28/2015  5/28/2015
Grilling Pork5/28/2015  5/28/2015
Developing a Strong Nonprofit Board (Elective)5/28/2015  5/28/2015
Risk Management (Elective)5/29/2015  5/29/2015
Delightful Small Desserts5/29/2015  5/29/2015
Project Management Exam - Intense Review5/29/2015  6/12/2015
MAT Test5/29/2015  5/29/2015
Baking and Pastry Boot Camp5/30/2015  7/4/2015
Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate5/30/2015  8/1/2015
Introduction to Spin-Casting & Spin-Fishing5/30/2015  5/30/2015
Introduction to Tree Identification5/30/2015  5/30/2015
ACT Residual5/30/2015  5/30/2015
Powerful Presentations & Effective Speaking Techniques - Online course6/1/2015  6/26/2015
Got Talent? Beginning Acting and Theatre Games (Grades 4-6, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
UpCycled Art (Grades 4-6, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
UpCycled Art (Grades 7-9, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
UT Culinary Program6/1/2015  8/9/2015
Spanish for Beginners I6/1/2015  7/13/2015
2015 Junior Leadership Institute (LEADS) (Grades 7-9, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
Modern Etiquette and Manners (Grades 3-6, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
APP Attack! Make Your First Game APP (Grades 3-5, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
APP Attack! Make Your First Game APP (Grades 6-9, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
Minecraft Designers (Grades 3-5, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
Minecraft Designers (Grades 6-9, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
Bones, Crimes, Careers: Forensic Anthropology (Grades 9-12, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
The Unseen World: Microbes & the Environment (Grades 9-12, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
Lunch at the UTCC (Grades 3-12, rising)6/1/2015  6/5/2015
Grant Funding Research (Core)6/2/2015  6/2/2015
Grilling Fish6/2/2015  6/2/2015
A Beginners Journey into the Practice of Yoga6/3/2015  7/8/2015
Photography Certificate Graduation Ceremony6/4/2015  6/4/2015
Grilling Vegetables and Fruit6/4/2015  6/4/2015
An American Tradition: Pie Baking Made Easy6/5/2015  6/5/2015
Martial Arts with Lance England6/5/2015  6/26/2015
Karate for Kids (Ages 5-12)6/5/2015  6/26/2015
Junior Samurai Sword (Age 5-12)6/5/2015  6/26/2015
SAT Test6/5/2015  6/5/2015
Canoe Certification: Level I6/6/2015  6/6/2015
Nature Sketching - Watercolor or Pencil6/6/2015  6/6/2015
Basic Visual Tracking6/6/2015  6/6/2015

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