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UT Photography Certificate
Program Requirements

The Non-Credit UT Photography Certificate provides fundamental and specialty skills for achieving success in the growing field of photography and related professions. Explore your interest in photography as a hobby or for professional growth and development. Developed by a committee of Knoxville-area photographers, these courses provide the opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing skills in this rapidly changing field.

To qualify for the UT Photography Certificate program, candidates must complete the following requirements:

1) successfully complete both Fundamentals of Digital Photography I & II.

2) successfully complete photography elective courses to achieve a total of 160 class hours. Fundamentals of Digital Photography I & II count toward the 160 class hour total.

3) complete certificate in three years.

4) only one “Shooting for Success” photography workshop may be counted as an elective.

5) a minimum of at least 75 percent attendance over all courses is required for all certificate candidates.

6) complete a certificate request form by May 30, 2017, to be included in the graduation ceremony.
Visit to download certificate requirements and more information.

All students seeking a graduation certificate are required to display their portfolio (Guidelines below.)

Certificate candidates nearing completion of required courses must complete a photography certificate completion form. All certificate completion forms must be received by May 30, 2017, to be eligible for the June ceremony.

Portfolio Guidelines

The five images shall be of a subject matter of the candidate's choice. It is recommended that certificate instructors be consulted during the preparation of these images for technical or artistic advice.

Each image shall conform to the following minimum requirements:

• The candidate requesting the UT Photography Certificate must have taken each image.

• The images must have been taken during enrollment in the certificate program.

• Images may be color or black & white (hand tinting or hand coloring is acceptable).

• Images may be any size between 8x10 and 16x24 inches.

• Images may be digitally enhanced to improve the creativity or impact of the image using techniques that were learned in the digital darkroom (Photoshop) portion of the certificate program.

• Images must be mounted on standard foam core (16x24 inches maximum; 8x10 inches minimum). Any color foam core is acceptable.

• Images may be in either portrait or landscape orientation.

• Images may be signed and dated by the photographer (optional).

• Images must have a support fashioned to them in a vertical and viewable angle when placed on a flat table.

• Images will remain the property of the photographer and will be removed by the photographer at the conclusion of the ceremony.

• No advertising of any kind will be allowed with the UT Photography Certificate Program.

• Any sale of images will take place away from the ceremony and shall not be connected with the UT Photography Certificate Program.

• UT reserves the right to not display any images of questionable subject matter (nude, violent, and graphic images are not allowed), and UT is not responsible for students' photography.

• Before beginning your portfolio, it is recommended to contact one of your instructors to assist in the preparation of your images. Please contact them by e-mail to discuss your portfolio.

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