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Learn to Be a Real Chef: Introduction to Culinary Arts
(Grades 9-12, rising)

Delve into the world of the culinary arts and learn how to become a real chef! In this camp you’ll have> the rare opportunity to work in a commercial kitchen and be trained by an American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef. Each day you’ll prepare and consume a delicious gourmet meal and learn a new set of skills to take home with you. You’ll discover food safety and sanitation skills, knife precision and safety, stock techniques, cheese making, homemade sauces, and savory soups. You’ll also learn how to build flavor profiles, be creative with prepared foods, reduce fats in a recipe, and build healthy eating habits. During our last session you’ll receive a certificate of completion and a CD that contains all the recipes you prepared. Note: You’ll need to wear a white shirt, long black pants, closed-toe shoes, and a hat or hair restraint; only single band rings on fingers are permitted. Instructor: Chef Greg Eisele
Course # 19SUKU829
Fee: $349

Mon.-Fri., 6/3/2019-6/7/2019
9:00 AM to Noon, 5 classes
UT Conference Center, downtown Knoxville

Innocent or Guilty...How Do You Plead? (Grades 6-9, rising)

Throughout this camp you’ll learn basic courtroom procedures and rules of evidence as well as how to> prepare a case for trial as both the prosecutor and defense attorney. You’ll then have the opportunity to test your new skills in a mock trial setting. Note: On Wednesday, we’ll meet at the City County Building. The University of Tennessee College of Law and its professors and staff do not provide instructors for this camp, nor do they endorse or control the activities and content of this camp. Instructor: Catherine Krane
Course # 19SUKU343
Fee: $149

Mon.-Fri., 6/24/2019-6/28/2019
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM, 5 classes
UT Law Library, Room 237

NEW! Learn to Be a Real Chef: Advanced (Grades 9-12, rising)

In this next-level culinary workshop, you’ll deepen your knowledge of the inner workings of a commercial kitchen and hone your culinary skills. We’ll cover more advanced knife skills, stocks, sauces, soups, emulsions, butchering, meat preparation, sous vide cooking, and scratch baking techniques. Note: It’s recommended that you take the “Learn to Be a Real Chef: Introduction to Culinary Arts” camp first, as well as the free online food safety training at Instructor: Chef Greg Eisele
Course # 19SUKU829-1
Fee: $349

Mon.-Fri., 6/24/2019-6/28/2019
8:45 AM to 11:45 AM, 5 classes
UT Conference Center, downtown Knoxville

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