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Start date: September 14, 2021
Course fee: $3,528 (includes all 3 courses)
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The Salesforce Administrator Career Certificate prepares you for careers in the growing field of customer relationship management (CRM) through hands-on practice with Salesforce tools. You’ll gain a strong understanding of business processes in sales, the sales cycle, and more. 

Through projects, you’ll practice your skills and have a portfolio of work to show to future employers, in addition to a certificate co-branded with the University of Tennessee Non-Credit Programs and Salesforce. 

This program is designed for students with little or no experience in Salesforce administration, and helps prepare students for the Salesforce Administrator credential exam. The program was created in partnership with Salesforce’s learning platform, Trailhead, and is fully online.

Salesforce Course #1: Customer Relationship Management for Business

This course is designed to introduce you to the use cases of customer relationship management systems, specifically Salesforce, and how end users on sales teams leverage Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Lightning tool. You’ll learn how sales team members like Sales Development Representatives, Account Managers, Sales Managers, and Customer Service Managers use the tool, in the process building a foundational understanding of Sales Cloud, Salesforce’s most widely used product. You’ll learn how information like accounts, contacts, records, leads, and opportunities are stored in Salesforce. You’ll gain practical skills working with Sales Cloud in a sales capacity by updating information according to the sales process, creating basic reports and dashboards for forecasting projections, and understanding how standard user profiles and permissions work.

Salesforce Course #2: Introduction to Salesforce Administration

In this course, you’ll explore the Salesforce fundamentals covered in the Customer Relationship Management for Business course from the perspective of a CRM system administrator. You’ll learn how to conduct the typical job functions of a junior Salesforce administrator, who is responsible for setting up and maintaining an organization’s Salesforce instance. You’ll explore Salesforce user management, platform customization, and user interface configuration, then get hands-on practice by translating and fulfilling simulated “feature requests” from business users, managers, and other stakeholders. You’ll create a custom app to meet a business-specific use case, and also learn how to customize Salesforce reporting tools to address analytical requests. 

Salesforce #Course 3: Advanced Topics in Salesforce Administration

Building upon Salesforce fundamentals and basic administration/customization skills gained from Courses 1 and 2, this course will challenge you to utilize increasingly complex Salesforce functionality as a CRM system administrator. You’ll learn to customize advanced Salesforce settings and implement a permissions and sharing model to control access to data and records. You’ll learn how to enable and configure standard Sales and Service Cloud features to support business-specific use cases. You’ll deepen their understanding of how to translate business requirements into functional specifications and configure custom features using Process Automation tools. You’ll learn how to use Salesforce tools to improve and maintain data quality. You’ll also explore and configure advanced analytics capabilities through historical trend reports, joined reports, and creating dynamic dashboards. 

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